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I am a fourth year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, BTL/LFCS, working on zero-knowledge proofs and private smart contracts, advised by Dr. Markulf Kohlweiss. I finished MPRI master's programme in 2019, and before that got my bachelor's degree from ITMO University (CT department, 2017). I have been a part of Serokell team in 2015-2018 working on several blockchain-related projects, Cardano SL being one of the biggest. My area of software dev expertise then was mostly haskell ecosystem related.

Recent projects1:

  1. Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Subverted RSA Groups: PKC 2023, Eprint 2023/364, code. D. Kolonelos, M. Maller, M. Volkhov.
  2. Zswap: zk-SNARK Based Non-Interactive Multi-Asset Swaps; PETS 2022. Eprint 2022/1002, Talk video. F. Engelmann, T. Kerber, M. Kohlweiss, M. Volkhov.
  3. Groth-Sahai Proofs Are Not That Scary, blog post, 06/2022. With D. Kolonelos, D. Khovratovich, M. Maller.
  4. Linear Relations on QAP Polynomials, blog post, 03/2021 (originally on the PRIViLEDGE EU HORIZON 2020 website).
  5. Snarky Ceremonies: Asiacrypt 2021. Eprint 2021/219, 4th ZKProof workshop, Talk video. M. Kohlweiss, M. Maller, J. Siim, M. Volkhov.
  6. Another Look at Extraction and Randomization of Groth's zk-SNARK; Financial Cryptography 21, Eprint 2020/811, Talk video. K. Baghery, M. Kohlweiss, J. Siim, M. Volkhov.
  7. Reasoning about Privacy in Smart Contracts, blog post 02/2020.
  8. Techniques, Software, and Applications for Packed Partially Homomorphic Encryption. Preprint. Master's thesis at INRIA Paris/MPRI.

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Paper authors are sorted alphabetically in cryptography (usually), so yes, I'm always in the end of the list 🤷

Author: Misha Volkhov

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